Benefits of cooperation

  • Secure mobile messaging and payments can be provided under the Bank’s brand with the no need for costly investment on infrastructure: equipment, software and technical resources.
  • Daily operations and technical support are available 24x7, with upgrades and expanded services being free and responsive to evolving customer demand.
  • M-Pay provides full consultation and direct support in  updating, upgrading and modifying the software as required to meet business needs with no charge levied by M-Pay
  • Provides a new service delivery channel for the Bank’s customers. With this new channel, customers can use banking services easily, conveniently and safely at anytime and anywhere
  • Leveraging M-pay’s expertise and experiences in deploying mobile banking services and mobile payment services for many years.
  • May participate in affiliate services through M-Pay to share and use services by banks and other business partners which are associated with M-Pay.
  • Attract more new customers: business units or individual customers which are partners of M-Pay and who will open bank accounts in order to expand trade in goods and services in the electronic distribution channels.